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Jap Sam Books is an independent international publishing house based in the Netherlands, and publish titles that explore developments in architecture, art, philosophy, design, photography, and theory as well as the fields that touch them, such as urbanism, landscape, sociology and history. We believe in a multidisciplinary approach and cross-border thinking, resulting in books that are not only educational and inspirational, but also very beautifully designed, and produced in close collaboration with the artists, writers, and designers. We create our books as objects with all of our design choices, giving each publication it's own context to exist in.
jaune, geel, gelb, yellow. Monochrome
Antonis Pittas, jaune, geel, gelb, yellow. Monochrome, Jap Sam Books, 2022 © Antonis Pittas

The publication jaune, geel, gelb, yellow. Monochrome discusses the failure, collapse and historicization of the modernist ideals espoused by Theo van Doesburg, set against the current political backdrop of mass protest. It reflects on the failing of modernity, with contributions by authors from the field of art history, architecture, philosophy, anthropology, sociology and poetry. This yellow "brick" acts as a symbol for (mass) protest, with the exact same dimensions as a brick and overwhelming neon yellow colored pages as a link to the yellow vest protests in France, trying to provoke the reader into frustration. Recently awarded with "Best Dutch Book Designs 2022" by both the professional and student jury, and nominated for the Prix Bob Calle 2023 du livre d'artiste. Promotional image by The Book Photographer©

Daily Spins. Thomas Trum
Thomas Trum, Daily Spins. Thomas Trum, Jap Sam Books, 2023 © Thomas Trum

"Daily Spins. Thomas Trum" shows almost 600 powerful artworks in the clearly recognizable, colorful, abstract-geometric visual language of the artist and is beautifully designed by Team Thursday (Loes van Esch & Simone Trum). Every cover is sprayed with two colours by Team Thomas Trum and this makes every edition of this monograph unique.

Open-Ended Visions of Possibilities. patricia kaersenhout
patricia kaersenhout, Open-Ended Visions of Possibilities. patricia kaersenhout, Jap Sam Books, 2023 © patricia kaersenhout

Open-Ended Visions of Possibilities speaks to the exploration and experimentation of possibility. What is made possible by artistic practice exploring archival erasure, historical silences, and Black feminist care practices? This publication holds thoughtful conversations, insightful contributions, and poetry exploring patricia kaersenhout's artistic practice and oeuvre over the years. Printed on leftover paperstock consisting of 14 different papers and fully loose-leafed, designed by Inedition (Eva van der Schans).