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MaroVerlag & Kapsel

MaroVerlag is an independent publishing house which was founded by in 1970 in Augsburg. We are releasing novels, short stories, essays and poetry. Since 2020, we publish the »MaroHefte«, a series of booklets featuring essays on political topics, taboos or aspects that we feel are underrepresented. One of the characteristic features of the booklets is that each issue is differently illustrated. Since 2022, we have been collaborating with the Kapsel-project by Lukas Dubro, featuring Scince-Fiction from China to German speaking readers in a magazine, anthologies and most recently: books.
Eine Frau geht einen trinken. Alleine
Lou Zucker (text), Josephin Ritschel (illustrations), Eine Frau geht einen trinken. Alleine, MaroVerlag, 2023 © Lou Zucker (text), Josephin Ritschel (illustrations)

Cover of the MaroHeft #11 which will be published in March 2023.

Kollaps und Hope Porn
Lukas Dubro, Tim Holland (Hg.), Kollaps und Hope Porn, MaroVerlag, 2022 © Lukas Dubro, Tim Holland (Hg.)

Anthology with texts by 13 authors, exploring the possibilities of speculative writing.