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Possible Worlds

Possible Worlds is a community-driven, artist-run platform based in Ottawa, Canada. Through electronic music, graphic art and print, we amplify the voices of underrepresented, emerging and experimental artists locally and abroad. We produce and present publications (Possible Worlds Editions), an in-house record label (Low Noise Productions), exhibitions, music salons and educational programming.

Possible Worlds was founded in 2015 with the mission of providing an alternative art and music space in the city for learning, gathering and experimentation, and a vision to engage with more diverse artists and perspectives from Canada and internationally.
Jason Skilz, Melanie Yugo, Sampler, Low Noise Productions, 2017 © Jason Skilz, Melanie Yugo

Record featuring electronic and experimental music from 3 artists, zine featuring sampled images

Halo-Halo: A History
Melanie Yugo, Halo-Halo: A History, Possible Worlds, 2019 © Melanie Yugo

Front cover of the publication Halo-Halo: A History, printed using our in-house Risograph machine

Pieces of the Past,Fragments for the Future
Melanie Yugo, Pieces of the Past,Fragments for the Future, 2019 © Melanie Yugo

Installation of pages from an artist book examining ancestral Filipino roots of the author