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Profundo ediciones

Profundo is a publishing project based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, that generates publications in different media, formats and printing techniques such as silkscreen printing along with photographic prints in risography and inkjet system, experimenting on different types of paper and materialities. It works from photography, illustration and poetry; the intimate and the affective, the collective and the marginal, composing a network and an aesthetic of its own on the queer and the suburban. Its main claims are self-management, the creation of networks in fanzine fairs and workshops and the diffusion of contemporary artists, thus generating a mode of production where the key focuses on mutual support.
emocion fuerte y reggeton oscuro
Tuti Curani, emocion fuerte y reggeton oscuro, Profundo, 2021 © Tuti Curani

Zine "Emoción fuerte y reaggeton oscuro"