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Rosie’s Disobedient Press

Rosie’s Disobedient Press is an artist-led publishing project founded by artists and writers Adrien Howard and Lisette May Monroe in 2020. We established the press as a way to explore the intersection of art and writing as well as think about methods of presentation beyond the exhibition and physical form. Rosie’s is a publishing project supporting writing from marginalised perspectives with a focus on queer, working class and feminist writers and with accessibility to writing at its core. Rosie's considers publishing as an expanded form and works with artists and writers to produce audio works, online commissions, radio, interviews, workshops as well as books.

Since 2020 RDP have been working with local and international writers across a number of different projects. Sleeper, released in 2021, is the first collection of writing and features 9 new writing commissions and 2 re-printed texts all responding to the idea of mechanics, cars and journeys. The publication includes work by Francis McKee, Rebecca Tamás, Hussein Mitha, Juliet Jacques, Àkpà Árinzèchukwu, Adrien Howard, CAConrad, Renee Gladman, Lisette May Monroe, K Patrick and Hanif Abdurraqib. We approached this collection with the idea of a space or place, something more than just a page - and all of the potentials that these things could offer.
Vegetal Soul
Hussein Mitha, Vegetal Soul, Rosie's Disobedient Press, 2023 © Hussein Mitha

Florescent Green book cover on a black backround, with the Vegetal Soul at the top in blue handwritten ink, floating above a drawing of two entwined flowers.

Bodies not mine
K Patick, Bodies not mine, Rosies Disobedient Press, 2022 © K Patick

Yellow book cover on black background, with black hand written text which reads 'Bodies not mine'. In the background is visible grey text which wraps around the spine of the book and reads the same.

Various, Sleeper, Rosies Disobedient Press, 2021 © Various

Purple Book Cover on black background. On the cover is a shiney silver sticker with black text which reads 'Sleeper'