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A Second Beating Heart
Rabea Edel, A Second Beating Heart, SHIFT BOOKS, 2021, © Rabea Edel

A photographic long-term project about the light and dark sides of motherhood, about a topic that is too often kept silent.

The birth of a child is also the birth of a mother. Her body carries a second beating heart. When this second heart suddenly beats outside the body, everything changes.

Shortlist Belfast Photo Festival 2022
Longlist Stiftung Buchkunst “The Most Beautiful German Books 2022”

Power Plants
kennedy+swan, Power Plants, SHIFT BOOKS, 2021, © kennedy+swan

The art book POWER PLANTS by the Berlin artist duo kennedy+swan finally puts an end to the anthropocentric view of the world. What does the human being also have to place above the evolution of plants and animals?
The duo asks questions without pretending to have moral answers. What will the world look like in 1000 years? What will happen when our bodies merge with different species of flora and fauna? And what do insects have to say about the idea of making them humanity’s main protein source?

Longlist Stiftung Buchkunst“The Most Beautiful German Books 2022”

Let Me Draw You a Bath
Bianca Kennedy, Let Me Draw You a Bath, SHIFT BOOKS, 2021, © Bianca Kennedy

Is the bathtub not an auspicious symbol? For the offline mode of life? For after-work and hygiene? But anyone who associates the bathtub only with naked bodies and relaxation should take a look at “Let me draw you a bath”. In her monograph, artist Bianca Kennedy shows that an entire life can take place in the bathtub. With her there is reading, writing, drinking, smoking, smoking pot, kissing, laughing, singing, crying, mourning, arguing, sleeping, shooting, killing and loving.