SHIFT BOOKS is a publishing company that has been creating photobooks, artbooks, and artistbooks since 2018. Our goal is to showcase contemporary art, photography, and social interest through the beauty and power of art.

Our focus is not only on creating books that are visually stunning and thought-provoking, but also on using sustainable and vegan production methods. We are committed to using eco-friendly materials and ethical production methods, and we strive to minimize our impact on the environment and animal welfare.

At SHIFT BOOKS, we believe that our industry has a responsibility to make a positive contribution to the world, and we take that responsibility seriously. We are proud to be part of a growing movement towards sustainable and ethical publishing practices.
A Second Beating Heart
Rabea Edel, A Second Beating Heart, SHIFT BOOKS, 2021, © Rabea Edel

A photographic long-term project about the light and dark sides of motherhood, about a topic that is too often kept silent.

The birth of a child is also the birth of a mother. Her body carries a second beating heart. When this second heart suddenly beats outside the body, everything changes.

Shortlist Belfast Photo Festival 2022

Longlist Stiftung Buchkunst “The Most Beautiful German Books 2022”

Power Plants
kennedy+swan, Power Plants, SHIFT BOOKS, 2021, © kennedy+swan

The art book POWER PLANTS by the Berlin artist duo kennedy+swan finally puts an end to the anthropocentric view of the world. What does the human being also have to place above the evolution of plants and animals?

The duo asks questions without pretending to have moral answers. What will the world look like in 1000 years? What will happen when our bodies merge with different species of flora and fauna? And what do insects have to say about the idea of making them humanity’s main protein source?

Longlist Stiftung Buchkunst“The Most Beautiful German Books 2022”

Solomiya, No.2
Solomiya, No.2, SHIFT BOOKS, 2023

Since October 2022, the editors Ivanna Kozachenko, Andrii Ushytskyi, Vsevolod Kazarin and Sebastian Wells as well as the art direction around Anne-Lene Proff and Peter Bünnagel from Kollektiv Scrollan and the Berlin-based publishing house SHIFT BOOKS have been working on a second issue of the magazine. In addition to photography, film, contemporary art, literature and, most importantly, the everyday life of young people in Ukraine, the magazine attempts to convey the complex reality of life under the permanent gaze of Russian aggression through the works of talented and already well-known Ukrainian artists.
On 132 pages, the new issue pays special attention to the stories of people from the now-occupied territories of Luhansk, Donetsk and Crimea, who have already been confronted with the war since 2014. The cover of the new issue was designed exclusively for Solomiya by renowned artist Alevtina Kakhidze. It shows a woman surrounded by missiles and drones, raising her hand. “Our hands became more skilful during the war,” says Kakhidze, who has already created hundreds of drawings during the war and drew a tardigrade on the back cover of the magazine — the only creature to survive the Chernobyl nuclear accident.

“This magazine, created in Kyiv and designed in Berlin, is a testament to resistance through art,” the editors say.

Fluent in the Languages of my Selves
Isaiah Lopaz, Fluent in the Languages of my Selves, SHIFT BOOKS, 2023, © Isaiah Lopaz

memories, yearning desires and the bitter and painful disappointment that his place of refuge, Europe, became. His text powerfully bears witness to how, despite racism and exclusion, he finds himself in his multiple and many-voiced identities, where he develops his own poetic language and power.

Fluent in the Languages of my Selves opens the blue notes series designed as a chapbook.
It prints marginalised voices and invites us to discover their perspectives in essays, poems and photographs.


“Lost & Found” collects anonymous photographs and combines them with texts by contemporary authors to give them a new context. In this edition, we invited 21 authors: Anushka, Julia Meyer-Brehm, Swan Collective, Christian Dittloff, Rabea Edel, Carl Ensom, GPT-4, Sophia Hembeck, Ina Holov, Franziska König, Marie Krutmann, Charlotte Kunstmann, Lana Lux, Lisa Tracy Michalik, MINETTA, Marvin L.T. Müller, Noa Sophia Niss, Marit Persiel, Michael Schuster, Alexej Tikhonov, Erica Zingher, to respond to photographs in the form of a love letter.

IN LOVE FROM invites readers to explore the powerful connection between photography and the written word and to reflect on the complexity of human relationships and emotions. The authors give a voice and new meaning to the photographs.

The publication also offers a glimpse into the future, as among the unique love letters is a special one written by an AI (GPT-4). The combination of human creativity and modern technology raises fascinating questions and opens up new perspectives on the role of AI in the art of writing.