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Terminal Ediciones

Terminal was born during the pre-pandemic months of 2019. We originally focused on rising Ecuadorian visual artists, with the aim to circulate their work in galleries, book stores and art book fairs worldwide. Since then, the project has grown exponentially, collaborating with artists, curators and thinkers within South America, the Caribbean and the Latinx diaspora.
Today, Terminal partners are located in Quito, Mexico City and New York, slowly becoming a platform / collective exploring art within the diaspora, alternative visions of contemporary culture, resistance discourses, archives, manifestos and Latinx politics, food, sound and memory.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, we published fifteen free and downloadable "documents" by Latin American artists while on lockdown. The series, called DistANSIAS, has since become a timeless exploration of resiliency and the healing powers of creativity.
Lately, we partnered with NYC-based activist and feminist Dj, Riobamba, to launch DeAquíDeAllá, an imprint within the Terminal ecosystem focused on sound artists from the global south.
Terminal books are in the collection of institutions like the New York City Public Library, the Centro for Puerto Rican Studies at Hunter College, Printed Matter and the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA).
The Lost Places of Salsa Music in NYC (2nd edition)
Marcos Echeverría, The Lost Places of Salsa Music in NYC (2nd edition), Terminal Ediciones, 2023, © Marcos Echeverría

TerminalEdiciones_01: A new revised edition of The Lost Places of Salsa Music in NYC is coming. We are proposing a round table based on the book in Berlin during the fair!

No title yet
Kevin Quiles Bonilla, No title yet, Terminal Ediciones, 2023, © Kevin Quiles Bonilla

TerminalEdiciones_03: Puerto Rican artist (and recent Ford Foundation grantee) Kevin Quiles Bonilla second book with Terminal, coming in august 2023

Dear book lover, don't love books
Jaime Nuñez del Arco, Dear book lover, don't love books, Terminal Ediciones / Gato Negro Ediciones, 2023, © Jaime Nuñez del Arco

TerminalEdiciones_04: Our second collaboration with editorial legends Gato Negro (Mexico City) its a new book and prints by visual writer, all around humorist and Terminal editor, Jaime Nuñez del Arco