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unnamed zine project

Started in 2018 by Tash, unnamed zine project is a loosely formed publishing house without any registrations and formal processes to validate it, without set structures and rules. They publish zines and artist books; they hope to critically examine the form of the book—to break and build different aspects of a book and experience varied ways of reading.

Many of the books revolve around themes of gender performance, fem tech, surveillance of boundaries and running away from homes. The zines include theory written by young students, poetry by queer folks, photographs glitched to make new meanings and collages entwined with the structure of the book. The practice is influenced by DIY techniques, binding used in office items like bill books and bank slips in India, xeroxing and scanning.
Running Away Saves You
Tash, Running Away Saves You, unnamed zine project, 2022 © Tash

The image is an installation of the zine Running Away Saves You. Many copies of the same zine were kept in briefcases. The zine illustrates different maps of shared desires and wishes made by tracing forwarded Whatsapp images wishing good morning.

Turning the Page
Tash, Turning the Page, unnamed zine project, 2022 © Tash

The image is an installation of an accordion zine that has illustrations of the acts of turning the pages of a book. The illustrations eventually come to look like buildings and the pages of the book transform into a neighbourhood.

Sweet Memories Photo Album
Tash, Sweet Memories Photo Album, unnamed zine project, 2022 © Tash

Sweet Memories Photo Album is a collection of 8 zines that explore revisiting memories, found images, building homes and queer kinships. The image captures the covers of different zines that are a part of this album.