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Verlag Kettler

We care passionately about art. Our unrelenting commitment demonstrates that it is possible to produce great books even in a city like Dortmund, which is best known for soccer and beer. At our offices close to the Dortmunder U cultural center and not far from our own print shop, we link ambitious publishing with technological excellence. These two sides of Kettler’s activity dovetail perfectly as our project partners benefit from this dual expertise.

With our focus on art, photography, architecture, and commercial design, we are always on the lookout for interesting and extraordinary projects. We cooperate with museums and exhibition venues and explore different topics and forms of presentation in collaboration with authors, artists, and curators. Together with our graphic designers, editors, translators, and lithographers, we assist our project partners during all stages of the book production process while also managing marketing and sales. And after work, you might catch us having a chat over a beer at the Bergmann Kiosk bar next door.
Portraits 1980–2021
Claudia van Koolwijk, Portraits 1980–2021, Verlag Kettler, 2022 © Claudia van Koolwijk
Walking Disdance
Olaf Unverzart, Walking Disdance, Verlag Kettler, 2022 © Olaf Unverzart
About the Days Ahead
Ingmar Björn Nolting, About the Days Ahead, Verlag Kettler, 2023 © Ingmar Björn Nolting