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Viaindustriae is a publishing house, visual art research centre, archive and exhibition space based in Foligno, PG, Italy. Established as a non-profit association in 2005, Viaindustriae promotes projects and artistic research raging from museographic displays, site-specific installations, public actions, artist residencies and publications of various formats among other innovative strategies. In the last ten years, publishing has become one the most established activity of the association. Viaindustriae publishes artist’s books, experimental research books, territorial studies, exhibition catalogues, monographic catalogues – among other forms of publishing. Viaindustriae uses the publishing practice as a tool for production, education and artistic experimentation. The books have different formats that do not follow the standards of a canonical publishing practice but rather the needs and specificities of every project. Viaindustriae considers the act of publishing as an act of translation that requires a transformation of the work of art into a new form, where the work itself develops new possibilities and meanings; for this reason, each book becomes an independent platform and not just an occasion for the transfer of contents.
I am Gonzo. My Dirty Italian Zines Fuck Serious Scientific Books
I am Gonzo. My Dirty Italian Zines Fuck Serious Scientific Books, 2021

A porn addict amateur who collects dirty Italian comics in an “animalistic” way, Gonzo applies a conservative technique whereby he hides these questionably viewable images within scientific libraries. This book addresses a widespread form of collecting that avoids the subject of the “arty” comic strip and instead dives headlong into obscene material and the viewer’s experience of it. This mega-collection of pornographic Italian comics faithfully presents the genre from its sensual, sexual-phobic beginnings to its porno-violent shift, between the years 1985 and 2000. Voyeuristic and chock-full of thematic variants, from transgenderism and homoeroticism to fairy tale, zombie, and cyber porn.

Why I Make Documentaries
Soda Kazuhiro, Why I Make Documentaries, Viaindustriae, 2023 © Soda Kazuhiro

What is a documentary?” “Why do I make documentaries?”. Soda Kazuhiro - one of the most prominent Japanese filmmakers, who has based his documentarist career on a radically independent filmmaking method, - writes this reflexive diary on his own work pursuing to find answers to these and to other crucial questions that arose along his long path of research.
 This first curated English version of his most enlightening and complete text has been enriched with a brand new iconographic apparatus from Soda Kazuhiro’s movies and a new updated introduction by the author himself.