Zita Oberwalder – Miss Read

Zita Oberwalder

ZITA OBERWALDER photographer from Austria and author of conceptual “photo essays”.
Her focus lies on medium format analog black-and-white photography. Recurring themes of her work include concepts of socio-architectural space (e.g. non-places), literature and mysticism. By way of visual poetry, metaphors, and magical realism she tells time-critical tales of her journeys in and outside of Europe. Latest self-published publications:
tabula rasa (2022); metaphorai (2022); vitrine en cours (2021); RIVERS OF WHITE SPACE(2019); warning signs (2019); QUOTE, UNQUOTE (2017);
Zita Oberwalder, warning signs, self-published, 2019, © Zita Oberwalder

The book with accompanying “newspaper” documents the photo series: a visual dialogue with the socio-political situation of London after the Brexit referendum. I wanted to highlight the fragility of the given world structures. // Winner of the Austrian state award for “Die schönsten Bücher Österreichs 2019”

vitrine en cours
Zita Oberwalder/Hannes Mitterberger, vitrine en cours, self-published, 2021, © Zita Oberwalder/Hannes Mitterberger

This is a story about territories, neighborhoods, (non-)places and vanishing lines … a story that can only ever be seen as “in progress” 

tabula rasa
Zita Oberwalder, tabula rasa, self-published, 2022, © Zita Oberwalder

A photographic journey in two sentences: “Time travelers don’t cry”; and “Spomenik” (monuments in former Yugoslavia).