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Koseko Bunko (小瀬古文庫)

Koseko Bunko (小瀬古文庫) is an art book project by Japan based graphic designer Tomoyuki Koseko, specializing in visual communication design. Inspired by psychology, philosophy, and semiotics, he conducts design experiments related to biological mimicry and visual perception. He showcases their visualizations through participation in Asian art book fairs and exhibitions.
gitai#07 MOON=EGG
Tomoyuki Koseko, gitai#07 MOON=EGG, Koseko Bunko (小瀬古文庫), 2021 © Tomoyuki Koseko

The concept is "viewing the planets as if choosing food for breakfast." In this project, the inherent similarity between the moon and an egg, which we often feel without conscious thought, will be depicted more clearly, offering a fresh perception of everyday objects.

He has created a series of photomontage images depicting the planets as eggs. At first glance, it may appear to be merely an egg magazine. However, upon closer inspection, you will discover the surfaces of the Moon and Earth, while also noticing that the gloss is created using white texts.

In Japan, there is a dish called Tsukimi Soba (月見そば), where a raw egg is placed on top of the noodles to resemble the moon. The ability to associate the moon with everyday food showcases the unique imagination of human beings. Explore some of our favorite dishes featuring eggs as planetary elements and let your imagination soar.

gitai#06 PLANETS=HAM
Tomoyuki Koseko, gitai#06 PLANETS=HAM, Koseko Bunko (小瀬古文庫), 2020 © Tomoyuki Koseko

At first glance, the cover of this publication appears to be a magazine showcasing hams. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes apparent that the ham's shape actually represents the Earth. Thus, this is not just a magazine, but an art book that visually compares two objects: planets and hams. Interestingly, none of the images in the book are actual photographs of ham; instead, he has painted the planets in a pink hue.

The work's intriguing aspect lies in how it offers a fresh perspective by presenting the planets in pink. The details of the planets, such as craters and clouds, are juxtaposed with the marbled patterns found in hams. For instance, the surface of the Sun takes on a resemblance to a slice of salami sausage.

This project serves as a small experiment to bring a sense of wonder to our everyday lives. Next time you find yourself in the meat aisle of a supermarket, see if you can spot your favorite planet amidst the selection.

Tomoyuki Koseko, gitai#05 MAP=SNOWFLAKES, Koseko Bunko (小瀬古文庫), 2019 © Tomoyuki Koseko

An experimental design project that overlays maps from various countries to generate fictional snowflakes. When you gaze at it, a beautiful world of snow unfolds, where the shape of each place mimics the patterns, offering a variety of captivating landscapes.