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Spyros Rennt

Spyros Rennt is a lens based artist who lives in Berlin, originally from Greece. The images he creates are part of a dynamic, ever changing dreamscape primarily exploring the allure of freedom and sexuality, as observed in queer spaces and club dancefloors around Europe. Identity, community and intimacy are elements which can be experienced in his pictures. 2023 sees the release of his third book of photography, Corporeal. He has already self published two photographic books, Another Excess (2018) and Lust Surrender (2020). His work has been exhibited in group shows in Europe and the US and featured in publications worldwide, from BUTT Magazine, Interview, i-D and Dazed to Sleek, Indie and LAMPOON, among others.
Corporeal book cover
Spyros Rennt, Corporeal book cover, self published, 2023 © Spyros Rennt